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Pa-pa has developed a growing interest in the life of the Celts in Wales. These clans that settled in Wales from about 600BC farmed the land and sea over hundreds of years until the Roman conquest.They lived in iron ages forts and had well developed metalsmithing skills creating amazing surface patterns on swords, daggers, helmets, standing stones and jewellery.

The celts in Wales had developed their own unique Welsh language and performed unique religious ceremonies where nature and the underworld played a significant role.

Jewellery designs for anyone that loves unusual celtic inspired jewellery!

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Solid silver Celtic themed necklaces and rings by Pa-pa

Celtic dolphin £75

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Circle pendant £45

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Celtic wave ring £65

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Silver triskelion £45

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Silver triquetra £45

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Lobster triquetra £85

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Silver circle ring £75

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Silver cockle ring £85 More info

The Pa-pa workshop is located where the mountains meet the sea on the Gower Peninsular, South Wales. The hills surrounding this magical place were once are home to many iron age forts and the standing stones of many celtic burial sites are stilll here.

This is King Arthurs Stone located at tone of the highest points on Gower where you can enjoy sweeping views of the Coast and Welsh mountains to the North.


Most of the handmade jewellery designs can be altered, customers may select the colour of beads or stones and components can be added or replaced. Every item that is ordered is displayed in a stylish complementary gift box with the pa-pa designer jewellery logo printed on the inside

.All the handmade bangle and bracelet designs in my Collection are stamped with my own personalized hallmark, to verify the silver or gold content. I use only the best precious and semi-precious stones to enhance and compliment my unique designs.

Women are becoming more accustomed to buying jewellery for themselves to suit their clothes and personalities.This is a collection of handmade bracelets and bangles that will capture your imagination. As each bangle or bracelet is handmade individually and the fact that I am a small business, goods will be dispatched usually 5-7 days after payment is received, depending on availability.

Tel : 07791 47 8563

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