The Octopus is one of the oceans most intelligent creatures. It has been proven to have a large and complex brain making it capeable of learning. Octopus have not one but two hearts. Its highly developed escape and defence mechanism has always facinated me having encountered its ink squirting capabilities as a young child on my first snorkelling experiences in Spain. The Octopus can not only change it's colour but also it's skin texture match it's background when threatened or when lying for prey. Imagine us having the ability to that!

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  Octopus necklace on leather

Solid medium sized silver octopus necklace with single cockle shell on leather chord with silver fastenings. Any length available.

Price - 225


Pa-pa's silver medium sized octopus necklace with Lapis chip beads and silver cockle charm - £295 email length required .





Price - 295

Pa-pa's silver large sized octopus necklace with turquoise chip beads - £1295 email length required .




Price - £1295

Octopus necklace

Price - 350

Solid silver medium sized octopus, silver cockle aquamarine and turquoise beaded necklace. 16 or 18 inches in length.

Baby octopus

Price - 95


Baby solid silver octopus necklace approx 2cm wide £95

Phone for more details 07791 478563


octopus necklace

Silver large octopus necklace on a bed of grey pearl, aquamarine and feldspath beads with silver mussel, oyster,whelk, cowrie and cockle shells.

Pa-pa's Labradorie swirl ring compliments the piece.One only

Phone 07791 478563

Medium sized silver octopus necklace with large turquoise chip beads £295 as worn on the model left

octopus necklace

These Pa-pa octopus designs are made from solid 925 hallmarked silver.

Female sacrifice- The female octopus when pregnant , returns to a cave or other safe crevice, where she cleans the roof with her tentacle suckers. For a week or more she lays thousands of eggs which are attached to the roof of the crevice where she caresses them with jets of water with the tips of her tentacles. She will guard her eggs for the rest of her life, dying once the eggs have hatched.



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