Pwll Du Gower

These handcrafted jewellery designs are inspired by Pwll Du, Gower. This quiet cove, a favourite haunt for smugglers in bygone days, is situated at the mouth of the Bishopston Valley, this pebbly beach was once a thriving Port, supplying Lime to Devon As the tide ebbs, a claw stretches out from a dark crevice in the rock, pincers nibbling in the water, spindly legs scramble sideways across the seaweed, then motionless, its black eyes searching, the slightest movement and it retreats back into the deep crevice.

silver crab necklace

Crab necklace-£60


Price - 60

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  silver crab necklace

A small silver shore crab holds an amethyst or turquoise bead and silver barnacles in it's claws. 16 or 18'' silver chain

Price - 85

crab necklace

Small shore crab holding real pearl tucked away inside an abalone shell. 16 inch silver chain.

Price - 45

silver crab necklace

Large silver shore crab clasping a green labradorite or turquoise stone with barnacles attatched.

Price - 125

silver crab necklace

Silver necklace with a silver baby shore crab clasping small blue lapis lazuli bead.

Price - 45


silver crab necklace

Silver shore crab necklace with turquoise bead.

Price - 65




  sea shell necklace

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The shore crab and blue mussel necklace is a truly impressive piece. The shell is transformed by setting it in a silver case, encrusted with barnacles. The mussel pendant can be worn either way to reveal the blue mussel or its decorative case, as it hangs on a swivel mechanism from the claws of the shore crab.

Price - 185



opal necklace

A beautiful opal is set amongst silver barnacles and starfish. The shore crab clutches to a silver mussel set in a solid silver case which swivels to reveal a textured underside.£285 each piece is unique

Price - 285


gold crab necklace

Solid 9ct gold shore crab from £525 phone to order

silver crab necklace

Solid silver Crab and limpet shell necklace £45


Price - 45


silver crab bangle

Price - 90

Baby shore crab 2mm solid silver bangle with lapis lazuli beads and limpet charms.£90



18x13mm Rainbow moonstone and silver crab necklace £185

Phone to order 07791478563

silver crab necklace


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